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America Mutes All Anti-American Propagandists

American intervention in Korea or Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq or in other parts of the world had its critics rush to target it in the most unsavory terms. That could be justified on ideological grounds  during the cold war. There was need for justification for intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. It divided global opinion; some […]

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Curious Case of AAP’s Identity Theft & Superficial Secularism

The poor man’s identity itself has been stolen. Look at our nouveau aam aadmi. Do they resemble the real aam aadmi (the nanga-bhooka-garib aam aadmi)? They are either rich or crorepatis or multi lakhpatis at least. Before the birth of the AAP there have been umpteen such claimants to the throne of the poor aam […]

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Tony Blair Less Than Right

The former UK Prime Minister is reported to have said that Mahatma Gandhi’s doctrine of non-violence is not universal in the present world scenario. He appears to be weighed down by the victories(?) scored by terrorists since 9/11. I don’t blame him, for he saw no terrorism before 9/11, though India was bleeding for decades. […]

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Buddha And Terrorists

Betraying complete insensitivity to civilized living, the uncouth terrorists struck once again in Bodh Gaya on the 7th of July 2013, killing one person and injuring 6 others in 10 blasts. The MahaBodhi temple is the most venerable seat of Buddhism. It paints the most effective contrasts between the two worlds: civilized and uncivilized. Buddhism […]

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Godhara, Boston, Bangalore: Striking Terror

If passengers are burnt alive inside a rail compartment, the railway staff, such as the coach attendant and Railway Police on duty on the train, are totally responsible and the rail minister should own moral responsibility and resign for failing to provide security to passengers. Isn’t it in the name of passenger amenities and safety […]

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Pakistan: Put Premium On Peace & Devalue Terrorism

Let us accept for the moment that Pakistan is genuinely serious about ending the menace of terrorism. In that case it should tell the youth in Pakistan that Kasab had on his lips the name of only Allah and no Mullah in his last moments and that he remembered only his mother, who did not […]

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Terrorism More Than Unlawful Activity

The government of India is very keen to make the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) operational from March, 2012 itself. But several state governments have strongly opposed the move, as they were not consulted on the subject even as “law & Order and Police” is their Executive responsibility under the Constitution of India.There is genuine […]

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