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The Tukde-Tukde Formula

The gang targets high profile individuals and institutions in a systematic manner. Derogatory comments in social media against parliament and the supreme Court have come to the notice of the SC now. But the gang had adopted this mechanism from the very beginning by using unparliamentary language against the Prime Minister, in whom they see  the biggest roadblock in fulfilling their dreams. They have assaulted the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of India, Parliament and the Governors in the states. They have been vicious in their attacks on the  Army Chief Rawat, the Air Force demanding proof and then turning the proof in to insignificance, the CBI, ED, and R&AW chiefs and laws (Triple Talaq, CAA etc). The game is to hit public trust in the institutions and individuals. They pursue their goals knowing that the targets they choose take several decades in to the making and are precious assets of the nation.

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