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One Chowkidar and Forty Thieves

The chor are in great panic. They were the Chowkidar chors for 10 long years of UPA rule 2004 through 2014. They helped Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijaya Mallya and many Bhandaris, Talwars, Saxena, Michel, Quattrocchi etc. to steal from public sector banks like PNB. Now these chor call Narendra Modi the chor. Narendra Modi has frightened Nirav/Mehul/Mallya seek asylum in foreign lands. Wait for first week of May 2019, others will run away in the name of medial check up in tax havens. The Chowkidar in Narendra Modi the watchman will catch most thieves and chors will wail loudly in jail.

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Do They Fear Narendra Modi?

There hardly goes a day when someone or the other in the Indian political firmament does not try to hit Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat. Some newspapers and TV channels give the impression of being on paid campaign against him. Highly ambitious politicos and aspiring Prime Ministers don’t observe even the slightest courtesy deserving […]

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