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Mahatma Gandhi More relevant to India than Marx

It is incorrect to consider the products, productivity and income generating power of the K&VI sector as of inferior quality. The tag of village industries is not very appropriate. It instantly pulls them down to an inferior status in comparison to modern industries.

They are village industries because they cater to the local markets and are owned & managed by local people with local tools and raw materials. 80% India lives in villages or depends on villages.

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Delhi Voters Verdict Confounds Everyone

While the anti-corruption agitation connected Arvind Kejriwal to the middle class, the focus on urban poverty connected him to the urban poor Delhi residents. There lies the mystery of the “scary” victory of AAP in Delhi assembly elections. It contains a hidden message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to think of “smart villages” before you devote all your energies on setting up or developing 100 smart cities. You need smart villages to sustain smart cities.

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Who Is Poor?

This is a very critical question. All planning and the whole budget exercise hinges around the definition of the poor. The Planning Commission of India had earlier defined a poor person as one whose daily income did not exceed rupees 32. In US dollar terms it comes to around 62 cents. It had raised a […]

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