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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Security Must Be Foolproof

I am no security expert. So what I am writing is as a public affairs commentator who has been keenly watching important world developments. The trigger for this piece comes from my internal promptings which tell me to write what I consider relevant. Today Red Alert has been sounded for Delhi and Mumbai, prompted by […]

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Modi Need Not Be Thatcher, Reagan, Deng Xiaoping

A change is no change unless it compels thinkers from all walks of life to review it and comment. It is the same with a good poem, painting, novel or film. It must make people spare a moment to think about it and give their opinion. The Indian election 2014 is one such event that […]

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Do They Fear Narendra Modi?

There hardly goes a day when someone or the other in the Indian political firmament does not try to hit Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat. Some newspapers and TV channels give the impression of being on paid campaign against him. Highly ambitious politicos and aspiring Prime Ministers don’t observe even the slightest courtesy deserving […]

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Radio Tagging Students is Violation of Human Rights

Chain, shackles or collar–call it by any name, but it is complete violation of Human Right. As if it was not enough that the American authorities resorted to this practice of the dark ages in the 21st century, it has been justified too. What is wrong with America? Why is she doing things in a […]

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