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India Needs Integrity Index

The National Integrity Index will expedite all Top Level appointments like the Judges of the SC/HCs, UPSC members/chairman, Secretaries to the GOI, IB/CBI/NIA Chiefs, Armed forces Chiefs, Board Level appointments in PSUs including banks, autonomous institutions and others critical organizations. The current practice of background check post finalization of selection delays appointments leading to the undesirable practice of extension of tenure for the retiring incumbent affecting the smooth functioning of the concerned organization.
Corruption in public services used to be one of the “rare of the rarest” drawbacks of top level functionaries and a grave misconduct punishable with Major Penalty.
Today, honesty & dedication has become the “rarest of the rare” qualities of such functionaries.

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Punish the corrupt but protect the honest

The Anna Hazare team has rejected the official  Lokpal  Bill, for good reasons. But in its anxiety about the corrupt neta and babus (leaders & bureaucrats), it has completely forgotten the plight of the honest public servants at the hands of the crooked politicians and serving or retired bureaucrats and members of the staff. Only […]

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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Owns Responsibility, Accountability on CVC

It was most disheartening to hear the PM make such a statement in the Rajya Sabha today. Irrespective of when vital information impinging upon the “integrity” of the candidate for the post of Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) is brought to the notice of the PM, such an appointment has to be stalled that very moment. […]

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