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Do They Fear Narendra Modi?

There hardly goes a day when someone or the other in the Indian political firmament does not try to hit Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat. Some newspapers and TV channels give the impression of being on paid campaign against him. Highly ambitious politicos and aspiring Prime Ministers don’t observe even the slightest courtesy deserving […]

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There are any number of stories doing the rounds about the Finance Ministry note of March 25, 2011 to the Prime Minister accusing P. Chidambaram ,who was the Finance Minister in 2007 of complicity in licensing spectrum at throw away prices , fixed in 2001 for the first time(a specious argument that has landed the […]

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Police, Executive or the Parliament?

Who must take the decision to declare the war against terrorists in India-the police or the Executive or the Parliament? What has been done to the worst terrorists apprehended so far? Has the police not completed the investigation and chargesheeted them and the courts awarded them the death penalty? Has the process been completed? It […]

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