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Mocking Trump or Values Post 1945?

In a sense, the American Presidential election is a test of human “faith” in these testing times when “modernity” is under challenge from what is “anti-modernity”. It includes the ideas about science, technology, democracy, liberalism, liberty, equality, justice, human rights, women’s rights and other such concepts of the modern human society. All achievements of the modern society are under threat. We can’t imagine end of democracy or liberalism, scientific pursuit or technological advancement, and the freedom of thought and expression.

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America confronted with the only choice

the enemy has global ambitions to establish the rule of Islam as interpreted by it. And here lie the roots of this new brand of global conflict which threatens human civilization everywhere

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America Mutes All Anti-American Propagandists

American intervention in Korea or Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq or in other parts of the world had its critics rush to target it in the most unsavory terms. That could be justified on ideological grounds  during the cold war. There was need for justification for intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. It divided global opinion; some […]

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Future Of Secularism

Where will secularism stand in the year 2112? The Crusaders and the Jehadis will grow stronger by the year. Modernity or 21st Century had no effects on them. Their operations only drew strength from technological empowerment of the human society. The verbal violence of their speech, followed by physical violence of bomb blasts and suicide […]

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