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What Is Old Age?

The weekly economic sermons hidden in advertisements in newspapers for a happy old age have triggered this article. But I must confess I don’t have even the flimsiest of idea about old age. Speaking from ordinary common sense, it is a stage in life. Sometimes it may be after 60 years of age going by […]

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Restiveness or Cussedness ?

People, press and the media anxiously await the outcome of the elections to the five state assemblies in the first week of March this year. Questions are being asked if the public outcry against corruption as displayed in the Anna Hazare led Lokpal movement will translate into votes in these elections. There are valid reasons […]

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One India Raises Hopes

India speaking in one voice against corruption raises hopes of a genuinely bright future for the people. It is more reassuring that India spoke, for it was the enigma of the silence of the followers of peace and non-violence that had encouraged corruption to replace the rule of law in the country. Corruption increased by […]

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